Who I Can Help

The workforce in the United States has changed dramatically. Today and into the foreseeable future, more and more people are having multiple careers.  Arthur Levitt, the 25th Chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, noted this in his commencement talk to students at the University of Connecticut ...in 1989!  His words have become reality - it is common today for people to have four or more careers - each with a variety of jobs.

It is also a reality that many people are unhappy with their job or where they work. And it is a fact that numerous people are terminated, as companies "get acquired, downsize, rightsize, restructure, reorganize, go out of business, move offices, outsource," etc., etc.

The business environment is also witnessing many mothers returning to the work force after parenting, and men and women entering the business world after serving in the military. A large number of people are hunting for a new position because their spouse or partner has accepted a job offer in a different city. Additionally, many, many people are considering what to do as they retire.  

Whatever your reason to hunt for a new job or search for a different career, I offer assistance in a number of areas that you might find of value. 


If you want help in exploring your options and planning next steps, it's time to have a cup of coffee with Mike in person or virtually.