What I Can Do For You

I offer help in the following areas...

Job Search
* Confirm what you really want to do
* Develop your personal marketing plan
* Identify companies whose values and management align with you
* Conduct practice interviews
* Network - you know more people than you think

Career Search
* Confirm what you really want to do
* Develop your personal marketing plan
* Identify candidate industries to explore
* Conduct informational interviews
* Network - you know more people than you think
* Search for an appropriate position

* Know what's looked for, what to avoid
* Functional vs. sequential - what's better?
* Information to include, and to leave out
* Translating military experience to business language

Business Cards
* A must
* Personal - name, telephone number[s], e-mail; other information

Elevator / Barstool Speech
* 30 seconds preferred; 60 seconds optional
* Rehearse, by yourself, with someone else, then rehearse again

Cover Letters
* 'Killer' cover letters can make the difference
* Confirm next step

Informational Interviews
* Though exploratory, you're being evaluated
* Be comfortable, confident, show interest
* Prepare questions - what do you want to learn
* Identify people you want to meet
* Bring resumes for each person plus extras
* Ask for names of other contacts

Interviewing for a Position
* How to stand out in a 'cattle call' - 1 job, 12+ candidates
* Tell how you can help grow the company
* Responding to "So, tell me about yourself..."
* What to ask when the interview is not going well...

For All Interviews
* Know the company and the interviewers
* Before starting, turn off cell phone, computer, all electronic gear
* Finish before allotted time
* How to make any 'bad' interview productive

Following Up
* Absolutely - it's another opportunity to shine
* Obtain feedback
* Confirm next steps

You know more people than you think:
* School[s]    
* Community
* Church
* People from previous companies
* Professional organizations
* Friends
* Relations
* Leads groups, clubs

Making appointments
* Phone calls - good or bad, depending on day and time you call
* E-mail gives flexibility to the person you want to meet
* A tip: call, e-mail, and schedule meetings early AM on Tues.-Wed.-Thurs.

* What companies look for
* Guiding references is acceptable
* Do not provide before interviews, unless specifically requested
* Obtain feedback

Salary Negotiations
* Be realistic
* How to respond to "what salary are you looking for?"
* Ask about review dates, career mobility and promotion possibilities
* Vacation - do not expect what you're getting now
* Benefits, health-care, bonuses - know what's really important to you

Quitting, Termination and Severance
* How to announce you're leaving
* Training your replacement
* Setting and negotiating departure date
* When terminated, what to do...
* Analyzing severance, what's included, not included
* When to accept, when to negotiate

How much time does it take? ... and what does it cost?

My services are customized to fit your special needs.  Clients 'starting from scratch' will require a little more time in the first month - perhaps three-to-four hours. Typically, the rest of the assignment will average closer to two hours / month.

During our initial meeting, we will discuss your individual needs. This will guide me in providing an overall estimate of total time.

When you retain me to assist you, I will develop and describe a recommended action plan and obtain your agreement.

There is no cost for an initial 30-minute meeting.  I want you to be informed about my services and comfortable with me; and I want to be confident that I can help you.

I charge $150.00 an hour.  This fee is reduced when larger blocks of time are booked.  For example the fee for a half-day [three and one-half hours] is $400.00, a savings of $125.00.  And the fee for a full day [seven hours] is $750, a savings of $300.00.

I will track the time of our conversations and my dedicated work on your behalf. Invoices will be sent monthly, payable within 30 days, via cash, check, money order or credit card via PayPal.

The next step is up to you ...

If you want help in exploring your options and planning next steps, it's time to have a cup of coffee with Mike in person or virtually.