Job & Career Testimonials

I had quit my job as a personal injury liability claims adjuster for an insurance company after 16 years.  I was extremely stressed and burned out.  I did not want to work as a claims adjuster for another insurance company.  I was not exactly sure what I wanted to do; however, I had thoughts of working for a plaintiff attorney settling personal injury claims with insurance adjusters (migrating to the other side so to speak). In early January, I called Mike, explained my situation and asked for his assistance in my new career job-search.

You made my job search process very enjoyable (I had told you that I was absolutely dreading the whole process).  You assured me that my expertise would be of significant interest to other people, such as plaintiff attorneys.  This boosted my level of confidence immediately.

You helped me improve my resume which needed significant fine-tuning as well as create strong cover letters.  Your suggestions produced an extremely professional resume.  You also provided advice with regard to starting up my own business, suggesting that I work with several different law firms or attorneys as clients.  That thought never entered my mind.  You also convinced me that I could achieve my work goal while maintaining a flexible schedule, as well as continuing the possibility of working from home (of which I had done for the past 12 years).  Your help in developing a solid business plan also provided guidance on my fee pricing - advising that, "I can always go down, but it's hard to go up".  This allowed me to set a more valuable cost structure.

Most importantly, I listened to your advice and suggestions.  As a result, I was able to go from worrying about potential extended unemployment, to working with my clients in less than two months!  If not for your help, I would probably still be searching for an 8-5 full-time job with a single employer!

Gregg Bujnovsky
Personal Injury Claims Consultant
Reno, Nevada



I found myself in a successful, yet unfulfilling position in print advertising sales with little or no upward mobility.  It was the kind of job where I knew I could succeed, but I also knew there was a better opportunity out there for me.  I attempted to tackle the job market on my own.  After countless dead-end interviews, and poor opportunities, I was put in touch with Mike.

Mike and I met on several occasions.  We first met to understand what my goals as a professional were.  From that meeting we were able to chart a path of goals that I needed to achieve to make my career switch successful. Mike and I discussed my previous jobs, and as a result we tailored my resume to highlight great personal achievements, which in turn better positioned me to employers in my job search.

Building a stronger resume was not the only help Mike provided me.  Mike also opened up many contacts with in the media industry for me to meet with and better learn, and evaluate what career path I wanted to be on.  Meeting candidly with these professionals gave me insight and understanding that I would have never gotten on my own.

The end result was obtaining a tremendous career in print media.  Landing this position felt rewarding because Mike did not simply hand me a new job, instead he taught me how to better position myself, and obtain a new career.

I would certainly recommend Mike's assistance, and hope to work with him again in the future.

John-Michael O'Neill
Print Media Representative
Raleigh, North Carolina