What Does Retirement Mean?

Is This What Retirement Means?
The American Heritage Dictionary says retirement is, "the act of withdrawal from one's occupation or business into privacy, seclusion or retreat." Synonyms in Roget's Thesaurus include: confinement, detachment, disintegration, emptiness, escape, exodus, free time, goof-off time, idle hours, isolation, journey, leisure, loneliness, loss, pause, quarantine, quiet, silence, spare time, unemployment, vacation, vanishing, wasteland, and wearing away.

David Herzbrun, a good friend of mine, offered a different thought...

      "Retirement does not mean you do nothing.  Retirement means you can do anything
      you want."

People want to be productive at any age.  So whatever the reason you're considering retirement - voluntarily quitting, being terminated, reaching 65, or let go when your company is acquired - you have an opportunity you may never again be offered.  You're invited to identify what you want to do, something you really love doing, and gain the confidence and courage to do it!  

Here are a few questions you may want to consider: 
* How can I discover what I really like to do?
* Should I start my own business?
* Can I make my age a positive?
* Does volunteering help?
* Are networking clubs worthwhile?


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