Job hunting? ...Searching for a new career?

Many people are ready to quit their jobs voluntarily - because they feel unappreciated, underpaid, don't like what they're doing, or told to do things not in their job description. Though some people may like the company or their fellow employees, they may be burnt out, feel stuck, report to a boss who doesn't recognize their contributions, or want to explore other areas in the company and don't know how to do it. 

What to do? Look for a new job - where the environment has just 'got to be better'?  Hang on to the current job because 'I need the paycheck'?  Decide that I've 'had it' with this type of work and explore a new and different career?

Early Retirement...?

The reality of today's world is that there are also involuntary reasons.  Employees are told by management their jobs have been eliminated, the company has been acquired, new owners have a different structure, etc., etc. 

When this happens, you probably know what you're going to do... get a job, in the same industry or a new one. And you want to do it quickly.

Whatever the reason, here are a few thoughts to consider:

* What's the best way to find a job that is right for me?
* How can I keep my search confidential?
* Are my timetable and expectations realistic?
* Who should I avoid in searching for a new job?
* How do I give references if I'm still working?


If you want help in exploring your options and planning next steps, it's time to have a cup of coffee with Mike in person or virtually.