Entering The Workforce After Military Service

I read in Money's March 22, 2007 issue that during 2006 more than 110,000 officers and enlisted men and women left military service. Many accepted job offers with national or state government agencies or defense contractors. A larger number decided to explore new career opportunities in the civilian business world.

returning after military service

The thought of starting over can be daunting and even scary. It is important to realize there are many similarities between people searching for the right new career, whether they are already in the business world, or in military service. Military personnel, just like their counterparts in civilian life, have developed skills, acquired expertise and often have achieved significant accomplishments.

People leaving military service and searching for a civilian business position do have questions and issues that are unique to them.

* How do I write a resume for sending to people in business?
* Which military skills are desirable in business? How do I describe these?
* I know networking is important in job searching - but most of my friends are in the military.
* I'm used to being told what to do, when and where. Will this hurt me in finding a good job as a manager or supervisor?


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