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Searching for a new job?   Want to explore a different career?
Relocating to another city?   Wondering what to do as you retire?
Returning to work after Parenting?
Entering the workforce after Military Service?

These are some of the reasons people may hear from their friends that "it's time to have a cup of coffee with Mike." I help individuals to realize their potential - I love doing this.

You will receive personalized professional guidance. Unlike most Internet offerings, self-help books, out-placement firms and mass training workshops, my work is customized to best serve you and your own special needs and wants.

There is no cost for an initial 30-minute meeting. You will want to feel comfortable and assured that I can help you, and I want to be confident that I can.


If you want help in exploring options and planning next steps, it's time to have a cup of coffee with Mike - in person or virtually.